TMT Investments S.A. implements for its clients a wide range of consulting and management activities, including preparing and supervising processes and decisions whose application in relation to resources, persons, capital or organization is to ensure conditions for effective functioning leading to the achievement of set goals. As part of our consultancy activities, we carry out a full range of services, from defining the company’s strategy through corporate restructuring and financial management, to human capital management and the design and implementation of IT solutions.

Our qualified and trained team provides consulting services to entrepreneurs, supporting the client’s enterprise in an objective and independent manner, recognizing management problems and their analysis, proposing specific solutions to these problems and helping, in accordance with the client’s needs, in the implementation of these solutions. Management consulting is an independent, professional consulting service provided by TMT Investments aimed at supporting managers and enterprises in achieving organizational goals and guidelines by solving management and business problems, identifying new opportunities and reaching for them, encouraging learning and making changes.

At a time when both the processes within the organization and the entire systems of connections between enterprises are more and more complex and complicated, the use of consultancy services such as TMT Investments has become an almost universal necessity. In order to meet the expectations of our clients and to increase the level of specialization and professionalism of the services we provide, we have divided our services into many sections, including:

  • Business consulting (whose goal is to improve the efficiency of operations and stable development of enterprises),
  • Auditing services (independent auditing services whose purpose is to improve the credibility of information prepared by the client),
  • Tax consultancy (dealing in servicing both multi-million transactions and solutions in the field of personal taxes),
  • Legal services (their domain is comprehensive legal service of the business),
  • Transaction advisory (optimizing investment, transactional and restructuring decisions of the client),
  • Accounting services and payroll administration (outsourcing of accounting services in accordance with Polish or international accounting and payroll standards),
  • Consultancy dealing with investment concessions and subsidies (seeking sources of financing and identifying investment opportunities and threats).

Our consultants take the role of initiators interested in changes in attitudes and behavior of people in the client’s organization, as well as are responsible for research, design and development of an independent concept of change.


  • commercialization of inventions applied industry
  • making our own contribution to NCBR (joint-ventures) projects
  • financial management of the undertaking
  • HR management
  • legal services
  • tax services
  • advisory services to obtain financing
  • international trading
  • IT services
  • assessment of the company’s standing
  • development strategy preparation
  • optimization of business processes
  • advisory services